The Afterlife

Basically it is, again, was aimed at unity with nature and the supernatural forces in the development of nymphs. A magical tradition, in turn, relied on symbolism. In the symbolism of Aries is observed as common to all people interpret the values of symbols (in this vein, the symbols, in general, refers to the geometric shapes), and purely specific motives. in his writings. Without getting into an argument about the origin of the Aryans, but in recognition of their exceptional antiquity, consider some of the symbols of their culture that carry a mystical or magical significance. Now we do not so much interested in the origin of symbolism, much sense.

Pentacle (or pentagram) – A five-pointed star, drawn by a single motion. This is not a symbol of the devil, as many think. To the Aryans (and many other nations) pentacle symbolizes the first wisdom and harmony of the five components – the five elements of nature. Also in pentacle picture you can see a stylized human figure with outstretched arms and legs spread. This again emphasizes the harmony between man, because the figure is symmetrical! Ancient runes written along the lines of pentacle, is the basis of numerous magic spells and rituals, including the Aryan and warlocks (the Magi and Sage). Geksal (or hexagram) – six-pointed star is correct, as it were, composed of superimposed each other right triangles.

Also, an ancient magical symbol. Originally it meant the unity of opposites, as well as sexual intercourse (as the unity of the two sexes). Sometimes there is a treatment and as a hexagram symbol of the afterlife, mystical forces of nature. In magic, the symbol of the Aryans are not as common but still used them. Cross – a very ancient symbol, one for ancient peoples. Even many of the signs of ancient runes and hieroglyphic writing systems based on this sign. Psychics and magicians see in the cross higher cosmic significance. It is a symbol of life. In the Aryans there were different versions of the cross: equilateral, oblique, oblique complicated by additional elements. Cross also expresses the human figure. At the same time, it denotes holiness – this treatment has its strongest development in the Christian tradition. And never in any ancient people did not know the cross of shame or punishment, which it did the ancient Romans. Swastika – derived from the cross symbol. Also means life, but, in addition, more and perpetual motion. There are plenty of options swastika. Some of them got their names: Kolovrat, Posolon, charovrat, svarga, suasti, yarovrat, torch, rodimich, Agni, fascist, vedaman, ognevik, grozovik, svadebnik, bogovnik, Ingle, svyatadar, svaor-solntsevrat, kolard, solard et al. Square – a stronghold, base. It is also possible to orient the shape of the compass (which was done in the magic rituals of the Aryans centuries ago). Spiral – a common symbol of the Aryan magic. At its core, the spiral associated with the circle, which means a recurrence and completeness. But the spiral is also a string of "broken" and connected to each other circles, that is to symbolize a kind of perpetual motion and development.

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