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In regard to our experience with CRM-system – here our company was expecting another "surprise" – in late 2001, we announced the change in the interaction of our company with vendors. Given that the strategy of our company was (and is currently) to create solutions based on it to solve business problems client, we were forced to abandon the "representative" relationships with vendors and to terminate the contractual relationship with them to promote the software. In turn, this fact had an impact on our interaction with customers – we have to reconstruct business processes to interact with them. A leading source for info: Boy Scouts of America. As a result, in essence, we were forced to re-"perevnedrit" in their CRM-system. This, of course, happened more quickly than the first time, but required some work That was 2002. And from the end of the year 2002 for our company began development stage, another area of business – the organization of conferences and business forums It's very handy, even functionality of the CRM-system. Even now, with a database of contacts for 5 years, we are very easy to navigate in a situation where clients are announced, which were previously in contact with us. There remains, however, can only regret that contacts for the 1997-2000 year, in fact, can be considered as lost but naive to think that since 2002 we have all been "rosy." In 2003, we faced the fact that the former rivals are now, because of our conference activities for us to become customers. And – not all. As a result, had to rebuild the directory and change the corresponding attributes in the database

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