The Foundations Of A True Friendship

I cannot be close to you whenever to need, But that my words they are as a handkerchief to dry its tears whenever you to cry That my conjuncts Are as a fire wall to protect you For where you to walk That my friendship either a used instrument for God to guide you to Pra to the all truth I cannot be with you all day, but wait that my friendship either pra you joy reason Because pra me everything what you say, For simpler that either, Has air singelo of poetry Whenever to need somebody pra to share yours pain It can comtar with me, Therefore as a friend Kept pra you a folded portion of love Are here, despite distant, Soon pra to launch with you the rock that the giant knocks down That if to oppose to our friendship the affection that I feel for you will perpetuate for all eternity Goes to construct together, I and you, the foundations of a true friendship (This is a poem that I made in homage to my Rhana friends Rodrigues Lunkes and Tainara de Lima Heinz) (Rafael Sales)

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