The Freedom

To learn is a pleasant right, is a dynamics that enchants as to the artist who composes its landscape from each part that it integrates to the mosaic, with creative joy; therefore, it is not a moral duty. Learning is not dissociado of the construction of the freedom and this if it affirms for the creative responsibility. If the ethics are the responsibility obtain and with the other, also of being happy, the aesthetic one is taught as capacity to feel in common, be-to be in communion, to reveal community feelings, not to compete to be certifyd of better or worse. (SOUSA). A poor of sensible and repeating formation of mechanisms defective evidences a structure of resumes vitiated and fails even though being able to be considered a violence expression that is imposed through collections in the evaluation systems, is the marks between school and society that leave sequels in each one and that nor always they can be reverted for the sociable ones in question. As much the educator as the educated one suffers the consequencias from an old system, that ruiu, and if he shows sick person, when the school perceives this rupture and reverts the picture, it passes for one transformation, aiming at to cure this deficiency is of far recognized. Science passes to be seen as object of the construction human being, and not as the detentora of the truth. When a school has its resume based in the scientific experimentation and starts to live deeply the Science of experimental form harvests the objectives of the learning as: Aprender the respect for science and the tecnologia; Adquirem related abilities or cognitivos instruments to the scientific processes; Aprender manipulative abilities; Aprendem the main concepts and scientific principles; Desenvolvem interests, attitudes and values; Proporcionar the auto-learning; Desenvolve it initiative, the responsibility, the participation; O interest for the discovery and the inquiry.

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