The Goals

This range able to cope with the abrasive treatment of parts made of tungsten carbide and even diamond inclusions. Treated surfaces have such a range of low roughness. Resin bond provides an opportunity to work with surface of natural stones like granite, marble, sandstone and limestone. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Also made with a viscous circle suitable for grinding of concrete, brick and chuguna.Krugi on vulcanite bond is mainly used for final surface treatment and polishing of metals. Sanding belt is used for flat surfaces, structures and components of wood, metal and steel. Tapes consist of grinding framework that can be paper, fabric or combination, and caused her abrasive.

The most frequently used as an abrasive synthetic abrasives (eg, silicon carbide, oxide zirconium), because they tend to be more effective and have a high hardness. But the use of abrasives of natural origin is also not uncommon. As an abrasive material commonly used such a natural abrasive as crystalline aluminum oxide (corundum). Grinders are necessary for polishing, cleaning and aligning the various surfaces. Power, construction and equipment grinding machine is directly dependent on the goals its further application.

There are about 9 types of grinding machines, each of which has its own specific tasks and system grinding. However, we consider the five most frequently used machines, namely varioshlifovalnuyu, deltashlifovalnuyu, eccentric, and vibroshlifovalnuyu . machine can handle the surface in the most remote places (bars, bridges, etc.). So grinding tool can be to fine "jewelry" work, which before his appearance was only possible by manual grinding.

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