The Margin

Options do I have if I do not comply with the priority groups?First: Recalculate the priority groups of the company because the number of priority groups in reference to the average of the previous year template, is a fact that we give to the application, and that the We can customize until the last moment, the first thing before you start discounting participants completed would recalculate the number and verify that it has correctly reached the data. Let us remember what are the priority groups: – women – disabled – 45 years or older – workers low-skill (6, 7, 9 and 10 quote groups) also keep in mind that the calculation is obtained by a process of elimination and that there were individual and not feature. Or a woman who is also greater than 45 years, does not count as 2 collective priority but as 1. Thus, we can start in the following way: first count how many persons with disabilities are part of my average staff of the previous year, with the remainder counting how many women have, with the rest to have how many over the age of 45 have in-house and with the rest how many low-skilled workers. Join the collectives that have been proving (disabled + women + 45s-+ low workers) qualification). All data reference in the previous year (take this into account when assessing the ages of workers, who were over the age of 45 in the previous year and not in this.) If I was lucky and was improperly calculated the data, now I get a smaller number of priority groups, and consequently the percentage will be reduced. Second: Unfinalizing participants non-priority in the case of which still does not comply, the only ethical way out is go desfinalizando actions that can (that they are completed before a month and allows me the computer application to unfinalize to correct data) and remove non-priority participants until it complies with the percentage. To reduce non-priority completed participants the margin will go minorizando.

Obviously there I lose money, but the crookedness of these percentages is a follow-up of the tripartite Foundation alarm almost sounds like the siren of a submarine, obvious by the program and is not a fact that depend on possible inspections. It is a death foretold. How to comply with the requirement of priority groups in the most cost-effective way? It is very important to bear in mind that a not priority participant tells me as (1) If you have done a course of 6 hours. training as if he has done a course of 300 hs. Therefore I want to unfinalize first workers priority non-courses in which deduct me minimum of bonus.

I desfinalizare before the non-priority of short courses and cheaper modalities (distance, face-to-face Basic, e-learning modules economic low). I desfinalizo one, but rest of the minimum of bonus. Good news! There is a percentage of bonanza for the priority groups now well, the good news is that there is a pardon or so-called percentage of bonanza, and the tripartite Foundation benefit us with a margin on our behalf for an additional 5% with respect to the percentage requiring me. More than there will be return. The percentage of bonanza it are now applying for resolution of records of 2008 and nobody can ensure us that change the booms and suddenly stop apply since we are not accustomed to the tripartite Foundation is put in our luck! place with year end!

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