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The customer adds all these values from four sources: Product, Services, Staff and Image. According to KOTLER (2000) the value ' ' it is the difference enters the total value for the customer and the total cost for the customer. The total value for the customer is the set of benefits that the customers wait of one definitive product or service. The total cost for the customer is the set of costs where the consumers wait to incur to evaluate, to get, to use and to discard a product or servio' '. (KOTLER 2000, P. 56) For the customer the satisfaction after occurs the accomplishment of the purchase, therefore when the company has a salesman capable to take care of it, of form to surprise and to surpass its expectations it can be observed that the customer is much more satisfied with the purchase.

Therefore it is that it is depended on people who can and have capacity always to be surprising the customer, therefore when the company to take care of the desires of the customer the same will be satisfied and when not to take care of the expectation, the same he will be unsatisfied. But, for this, he needs yourself qualified people to provide an attendance to the different types of customers, therefore never the customers will be equal. Then if he must know and dominate the product or services in order always to be the front of any question or any type of information. Through this step the trend is to give attendance to the customers of adjusted, personalized, individualizada form and thus always to surpass its expectations, with this, the same will leave the highly satisfied company becoming a faithful customer and also if to become a reference of the company for its friends, bringing new customers. For MOLLER (1999), the internal work is of utmost importance, a time that the customers has direct contact with front staff, where forms the image of the services of the organization.

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