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Walking peacefully between the noise and the haste, and notes the peace that can be found in silence, while possible each action which manifests encloses an explanation, more, when it generates results sometimes unusual, not very normal. It corresponds to each watch to determine the reason for this reason, an explanation that will allow us to delve into its essence, raison d ‘ etre. We can not neglect us in this regard, we must always be attentive of the why of it, thus, we appreciate its scope, we evaluate their impact and since then, lets us determine everything that holds, while we remain alive and act in the environment where we operate, whatever the role with which we have identified, must be awake, attentive in everything what is generated with our behavior, in everything that has impact on our learning, growth. To do so, is has bequeathed us an extraordinary potential, as it is the mind, which enables us to discern, scrutinize all what manifests us to end of find answer the why of this logic. On the subject, he invites us poesiasyreflexiones.com.ar.

for example, consider that sometimes, people come into our lives and quickly realize that this happens because it must be so for a purpose, to teach a lesson, to discover who we are in reality, to teach us what we want to achieve. It is very true, when it manifests the fact, that we don’t know who are these people, however, when we set eyes on them, something internal tells us, that they will affect our lives in a meaningful way. Since then, within the spiritual mind holds, there are explanations. Often difficult to consider for training, learning that has, by not accepting for example, the end of reincarnation, survival, aspect seriously studied by many universities, as the case of Dr. Ian Stevenson, of the University of Virginia, United States, which has published books on the subject, for example, 100 case of reincarnation, where has verified its existence the explanation that the spiritual mind indicates, is that those people we were already known and by relations karmic return to find, of course, with other physical vehicles, however, are recognized and comply with commitments that contracted according to their performances at the time.

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