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The research in ' ' Entity Assistencial de Amor Is Padre Pio' ' , an entity without economic ends, and with an only objective, to help needed and devoid children, with psychological attendance, psicopedaggico among others, and practise to use it of the charity. All the entity is composed of voluntary work and donations, and the participation and the conviviality with children make with that voluntary and professional they have reference and database, through carried through interviews to help in the psychological and moral development of the child. LITERATURE REVISION ' ' If a child will be left to the will, inside of some time will start to play, because the natural way of expression of the child is brinquedo' ' (SIMON, 1986. P. Check with Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more. 8) 1 We can not perceive the occult or unconscious direction that the child of to its playing, but it is present and if manifest to an experienced, intent observer and with good dose of patience. According to Melanie Klein, cited for Simon (1986) 1, playing he could be an expression of deeper, unconscious processes, almost similar to the dreams; playful language is similar to the archaic language of the dreams. Playing is not a meaningless activity; because for playing the child symbolically translates fancies, desires and lived experiences.

If playing is the natural way of expression of the child, then it must yourself be admitted that it is not natural to be passively in front of a television for long hours, or worse still, front to a video game, if estressando in games with violent contents. Authors as Papalia (2009, P. 170) 2, make reference the babies and small children who veem much television, in the United States. In our Brazil of the days today, he is not very different, for the experience that we see in our houses and the neighbors, or for the commentaries of the children in the proper school.

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