The flu virus can be compared with the ball having a diameter of 80-120 nanometers, ie, 1000 times thinner than human hair, and that a kind of bristling whiskers, which are nothing like the reproductive organs that help the flu virus re- and once again produce their own kind in the body. The shape of their specialists, virologists identify species or strains of influenza, and the body's immune system can recognize a foreign object, invading the body, and give the command to its destruction. To combat this dangerous virus vaccine is usually made public. What is the vaccine? The vaccine – is an influenza virus or in whole, but artificially weakened or killed, or parts of the virus. Connect with other leaders such as Neeman Foundation here. If artificially attenuated virus, it is known as a live vaccine, and if the virus is dead – then inactivated vaccines. If the vaccine is only their antennae of the virus, it is called a subunit. Work vaccine is the body from different diseases-lymphocytes, begin to perceive this as administration of the vaccine virus and start to attack, ie rapidly multiply and change the form in order to neutralize the virus.

In that case, if the virus neutralized, cells begin to divide into two types of cells: plasma cells, which are absorbed into the blood, and memory cells. Nieman Foundation: the source for more info. Plasma cells can produce antibodies, which, in turn, already know how to deal with this type of virus influenza. A memory cells remember how you like antibodies. In the event of an actual attack of influenza, it is immediately recognized by memory cells, and starts reproduction of plasma cells, which were already developed at Vaccination relevant type of influenza virus. A plasma cells, in turn, is already producing antibodies that destroy and flu. This reaction is instantaneous, ie, a person becomes ill, but the flu lasts a few minutes, because that the body has been prepared to defend!

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