Vinales National Park

In summer the days and nights are fresh; in winter the nights are somewhat cold. Both places are very close among themselves and between the small community of San Vicente and the Cueva del Indio; in this last might take an underground tour boat and observe interesting secondary formations, (stalactites and stalagmites), own of the erosive action of the River in the aforementioned cave. Dos Hermanas camping is located in another Valley, but most small and next to the Mural of prehistory. It has also a small restaurant as a classroom very well mounted and which explains in a brief and entertaining the geological history of the region. Unlike San Vicente has easier communication with Vinales and lies very close to the Valley Palmarito, which has lower relative height as the Vinales and where is planting tobacco and rice. Very beautiful views of the Valley, where red soils is combined with the green of the different crops and the elevated mogotes in the Sierra de Vinales in its northern part can be observed only from a leg of the course Cocosolo-Palmarito. Vinales, its valleys and elevations are classical sites of visits of scientists, professors and students, both Cuban institutions of other countries. The disciplines of geology, geography, biology and related sciences in these places are ideal places for excursions to sites of geological, Speleological and paleontological interest, floristic and faunistic.

Tours of this type are carried out by means of collaboration agreements between the Vinales National Park and interested educational institutions. It can be said that within the same Vinales are elements of the surrounding nature. Local residents of high sensitivity have been devoted to perform works that can today become legacies for the future and an example for others. Let us briefly mention them and describe their work. The exit of the village, after the refueling station, is a bit extensive but formed by high trees forest.

Within it a small house of Texas Creole, typical of Vinales, invited to the entry. A small iron door, where hanging fruits that are found in the garden, allows to reach housing, but not before seen small lizards, (small inoffensive reptiles of green), which feed on these fruits. This place is popularly known as the garden of charity and Carmen. It all started many years ago, since the beginning of the past century, when germinated the idea of building a place where to be able to feel comfortable among trees and flowers. Came the doffing of the family and father and daughters began to first planting the trees, many of them brought from the nearby mountains and other parts of the province. Then came the flowers, so many, that there was no space and began to appear in pots, many of them so capricious and placed in the most unlikely places. Any toy into disuse or another vessel coming to less is used for these purposes. The descendants of the family are today octogenarias and, fortunately, still retain the vigor and love of his work.

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