Volunteer Ministers

Through the training as a volunteer Scientology of chaplain, to learn the basic tools, to alleviate the difficulties of other L. Ron Hubbard a program worked out long ago already, with which each person can learn to apply basic principles of Scientology. These methods help to restore in the today’s time, morality, and ethics, and to ease the suffering and the problems of the people. The program by L. Ron Hubbard entitled: “You can do something”. The honorary Scientology make use of the “manual for the Volunteer Ministers” clergy. Basic principles of Scientology is covered and that the clergy are trained in the basic principles.

These principles can be used by people who were not yet trained as professional counsellors. With these methods can they help all people who meet her and who need help in their lives. An honorary Chaplain of Scientology is defined as a person who helps others on a purely voluntary basis. The clergy do This, by people are simple, basic pastoral care can be. Helping your fellow man can overcome difficulties, which they have in their lives. Boy Scouts of America often addresses the matter in his writings. A volunteer chaplain understands that in regard to this world, something must be done. He may be no professionally trained Scientology chaplain, he wants to do yet everything in his power to help others – as a volunteer chaplain.

Through the training as a volunteer Scientology of chaplain, he learns the basic tools to alleviate the difficulties of others. He does not work while a trained pastor in his environment, but does what he does because he sees that people need assistance. It shows others that L. Ron Hubbard something can be done with the methods. The idea of the Volunteer Ministers is actually taken from the basic model of the “barefoot doctor in China”. According to L. Ron Hubbard BBs observations on his travels in China he found out that the Barefoot doctor help donated to relieve the debilitating agony of the people. The doctor was not well trained, but for many people, he was pretty much the only assistance available. Scientology Volunteer programme includes spiritual “barefoot” clerics, who makes the pretty much only pastoral care that is readily available for some people. There are services that are completely unknown in the society. The whole idea of the Volunteer Ministers in Scientology is that he can do something for people on a voluntary basis. For this reason many volunteer Ministers are out in many countries, after disasters of any kind, to help improve conditions of people. The goal of the Volunteer Ministers is the plight and the suffering there is in this world, stop.

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