Windows Vulnerabilities

To find support, directly from your software partners who you know through long-term cooperation, whom you trust. Nemetschek Bausoftware GmbH, for example, is at first actively involved in the initiative “Germany” safely in the net. She offers its customers and corresponding prospective acquisition of knowledge in seminars, testing existing security arrangements on request and helps to optimize them. Track vulnerabilities and gaps first step is in any case to identify gaps in your security measures. If you did already all feasible from your point of view for your security, it sure is a good idea to review the measures on their resilience. The checkup is a simple entry with frappierendem may result local PC security by using the free tool PC Security 2007′ the French manufacturer AxBx, the Specialist Publishing House for computer knowledge recommended recently in his newsletter “Business-PC Daily”.

Thus you can uncover common vulnerabilities and gaps on each PC, which serve as a gateway for malicious software. The program itself so to speak as educational consulting. It shows the vulnerabilities, but not even fixes them. It was important in the first place, so the manufacturers, even once to identify vulnerabilities in your own system. Because tests have shown a spyware infection, which is almost always hidden to the users at 70 to 80 percent of all computers now. The tool simulates the penetration and the behavior of viruses, spyware, and other attacks and examines the response of your protection systems here.

It shows what damage may occur. At the end of the test, a protection index evaluates the existing security of your PC. You will be may be surprised how easily sensitive information to the user to read on the current computer or, for example, the license key of Windows is accessible. Hackers could take advantage of these and similar information to make a catapult for spam from your PC unnoticed or to accept him fully and remotely control. Find help at the Web address de / download.htm is available (1.1 MB) free tool for you. It may be used on the computers of your company or on your private without additional costs, as the manufacturer stressed. A test of security in your company’s worth. Because imagine, you get stored data to the public or be used against your interests and for the benefit of your competition. Or mass emails with viruses are sent from your home. What are the consequences threaten the company and the persons responsible? Proven security creates trust with customers and other business partners and called for more of these – especially the banks – also. If you as an entrepreneur in the construction of more information or individual Help need for securing your corporate network, the experts of Nemetschek Bausoftware GmbH with their experiences from more than 25 years of successful customer service are at the page.

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