Wingwave Method Against Exam Nerves

How to go many pupils, without stress and anxiety to the test and students have already experienced it: A sudden blackout, heart palpitations or outright panic attacks, once the test sheet on the table is located. A slight nervousness is normal for all the people who are in a testing situation. If the stress caused the a test or an exam, but means that the structured thinking and retrieving knowledge is no longer possible, so you should think about where the fear before the exams could come. If the test anxiety semester and school costs through tuition fees especially students are exposed to as quickly as possible to pass exams to be done in the standard period of study with the study the pressure more and more. Some help calming words of family or friends. Often rich but a good preparation nor the support of the known circle, avoiding confident enough in the exam situation.

The fear, a blackout, or the hustle and bustle come back and the frustration runs deep. Nieman Lab may also support this cause. As a result, Stress. The tests be shifted from semester to semester in the distant future and the pressure increases. This in turn leads to a permanent stress which inhibits more and more young people in their development career. The stress begins long before the actual test the actual fear of exams is often only then if you failed a test because it was too nervous or had the famous blackout. The fear that something could happen again cause a blockage, which can be the cause of stress before exams. Addition of external pressures: the parents, the professors, the time pressure and the enormous curriculum, which you have to learn in a short time.

To overcome test anxiety, it is helpful to reduce stress to deal with. Both positive and negative experiences are called processed usually during the REM, deep sleep. This leads to a connection between the two hemispheres of the brain, the the blockades caused by unpleasant experiences, helps to solve. Due to the fast lifestyle, high time and performance pressure that reaches its climax shortly before the test, the sleep is restless and there is no longer the necessary phase of deep sleep. The result is a blockage, which can be solved not more by itself. Can one really overcome test anxiety? Yes! The deep sleep, which is necessary to the test anxiety to overcome can be adjusted thanks to the wingwave coaching method. Developed method of the Sigmund-Institut in Hamuburg was the wingwave and a short time coaching represents method that results in the removal of blockades, more performance and creativity with only a few sessions. Anyone so suffering from test anxiety, can contact a certified wingwave coach and just try it out. Studies of the University of Hamburg confirm the effectiveness of the successful coaching method. Can the Wingwave help method who overcome test anxiety? Basically the wingwave method helps every healthy man to overcome his fear of the examination. wingwave coaching is a particularly popular method to overcome blockages and fears, since this can be done in just a few sessions and sometimes only a single session – from the world. It is but important that wingwave coaching replaced no psychotherapy, and neither is, why it is used only for those, which are located in a stable mental state.

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